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This website has been specifically designed for candidates who want to pursue their careers overseas. You will find its content being updated and maintained by ABGyan, and Croma Campus itself.
  • We have put all our efforts into assure the correctness of the content on this website.
  • Well, the same should not be copied as a statement of law or utilized for any legal purposes respectively.
  • In case of any enigma or doubts, users are openly advised to get attested with the legal structures and to obtain appropriate professional advice.
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  • In fact, it shall be your own liability to ensure that any of our products, services, or information available via this website meets your defined requirements.
  • Well, all these terms and conditions will be governed by and construed following the Indian Laws.
  • Moreover, any sort of dispute arising under these terms and conditions will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the courts of India respectively.
  • In addition, the content posted on this specific website might include hypertext links and pointers to information created for overseas candidates.
  • Well, ABGyan is offering these links and pointers specifically for your knowledge and convenience.
  • When you will select a link to an external website, you are leaving the ABGyan website and are concerned about the privacy and security guidelines of the owner’s website.

However, ABGyan will not be able to authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked websites. Thereby, users are already requested to authorize such a website from the owner of the linked website. Well, ABGyan does not assure that linked websites imply with the Indian Government Web Guidelines.


This website of the ABGyan is being maintained for information concerning overseas purposes only. In fact, our full effort is being taken to provide accurate and up-to-date information, in fact, our employees will make the use of the circulars posted on the website are advised to get in touch with the ABGyan whenever there is any doubt regarding occurs concerning the courses, admission procedures, etc.

In the event of any conflict between the contents of the circulars on the website and the hard copy of the circulars issued by ABGyan, the information in the hard copy should be taken into consideration and the matter shall be brought to the notice of the ABGyan directly.

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