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In the present scenario, we make the best utilization of our services by offering exceptional features. Here, at ABGyan, we highly believe in protecting privacy interests. Moreover, we are purely committed to securing the privacy, confidentiality, and accuracy of personal information as per Indian law. ABGyan proposes to take every required measure to assure privacy and security concerning its operations.

  • Scope of the Policy- This policy applies to every candidate of ABGyan comprising the students, faculty, researchers, staff, and others with access to the information.

    Therefore, this policy implies any information collected through visits to

  • Information Privacy- ABGyan understands the significance of confidentiality and security of your personal information in this digital age. The Institution does not tend to leak any personal information for its own benefit or any other purposes besides the scope of the general functions. Well, ABGyan collects, stores, and discloses information that is needed for the administrative work of the Institution, observed with applicable laws and regulations, and University policies.

  • Networks- The contact information of the candidates with whom the Institution has Email correspondences shall not be disclosed or shared with any other Institution respectively. In fact, the email details sent to or from the Institution’s servers shall be consecutively monitored only when there is a breach of security guidelines. Mails continued through the servers shall be stored, and they might get checked only for investigations relating to violation of rules, regulations, and policies of the Institution or investigation by a legal authority. Individuals using a computer owned by us or connected to our network shall abide by the rules and protocols of ABGyan respectively.

  • Links to other websites- ABGyan may offer links to websites outside its network and is not at all in charge of the content or privacy policies of any website to which it may link. If you are coupled to a third-party link, which is not operated by us, then, we will not be responsible for the content or privacy policies of those third-party websites respectively. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the individuals to evaluate the privacy policies of that kind of websites.

  • Security– ABGyan takes quite necessary steps to secure the personal information but cannot ensure complete security as it is not possible to provide whole safety to data that are transmitted through the internet and hence, not responsible for any loss of information.

  • Information accumulated via video surveillance tools- ABGyan has installed CCTV or Surveillance Cameras in numerous places throughout the campus to assure safety for everyone inside the premises. The objective of utilizing such devices is only for the safety and protection of our employees. We thereby do not tend to interfere in academic freedom. The recordings of the video surveillance equipment will be kept confidential and will be accessible by the administrative heads only.

    If any trouble occurs, then permission to access the recordings will be given to an external official only in special circumstances, including the investigation of illegal activity. In this case, the security camera recordings will be retained for 1 month and might get preserved and retained for a longer time, if required, upon authorization from the higher officials respectively.

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